Tait Controls offers a wide range of capabilities including:


Project Management and Consultancy 
Tait Controls offers a comprehensive project management process that ensures we meet or exceed our customers expectations.We can advise and assist clients on all aspects of a project, from planning to implementation to achieve a successful outcome - on time and on budget.

Electrical Design 
Tait Controls offers electrical design and service including:

PLC and HMI Systems 
Our engineers have decades of experience with a large variety of PLC and HMI systems such as:

Tait Controls can program PLCs in the language of your choice; ladder, structured text or function block. Tait Controls can offer our in-house PLC programming standard, or write code to your standard. All PLC code can be fully documented with descriptive functional descriptions and level 2 (Grafcet) functional descriptions.

Database Engineering 
Tait Controls provides integration between plant floor and IT management databases. Tait Controls has been a key engineer in several installations where recipe information is sent from a database to the production PLC. The product is tracked through to palletising and the pallet details sent from the PLC back up to the database.

Safety Systems 
Tait Controls can design, build or upgrade your system to the required safety standard. We can provide solutions from small, standalone controllers, to large, fully integrated controllers such as Rockwell GuardLogix. Tait Controls designed safety systems offer full diagnostics via HMI screens, enabling operators to quickly resolve problems, and resulting in less plant downtime. We have TUV certified engineers.

Industrial Communications 
Tait Controls have worked with a large variety of industrial communications protocols, including EtherNet/IP, ControlNet, DeviceNet, Modbus+, Modbus RTU, Profibus, Remote IO, Data Highway plus, RS232, RS422/485, Ethernet TCP/IP and more.Linx 6900 inkjet coder

Tait Controls can provide customised solutions for devices such as inkjet coders or weigh scales using the TCS (NZ) Ltd Mo'Data interface.

Product Identification and Tracking 
A key area of Tait Controls capabilities is providing product tracking and production monitoring through technologies such as RFID, vision, barcoding, label printing, inkjet coding, weighers, metal detector, x-ray, etc. With decades of experience in this area, our team can interface from the PLC to any printer, check-weigher, etc, over a wide range of industrial communication protocols.Avery ALX924 label printer

Tait Controls provides the application layer that connects the IT and the plant floor automation together with the product tracking requirements. This is achieved through either vendor specific PLC hardware or distributed intelligence and industrial communications networks connecting third party vendor products in a seamless architecture.

Testing and Commissioning 
Tait Controls can simulate and test the PLC functionality in-house before site installation. When on-site we work closely with site personnel to ensure 100% client satistfaction with the final installation.

Documentation and Training 
Tait Controls fully documents all designs and software. PLC documentation can range from a mechanical functional description to a Level 2 (Grafcet) functional description.
Tait Controls can provide full operator and maintenance personnel training as required.

24/7 Support 
Tait Controls offers tailored support agreements with guaranteed 24/7 response.